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drums & drumsticks

Drums play an important role for the Tsimshian and many of the other first nations, it is what makes the rhythm so out feet can move and our spirits dance within. The drum beat is a symbol of what each person heard during the 9 months before birth, so it continues on as we learn to drum and dance. The round shape is the cycle of life and can also represent the womb and mother earth.

I make drums, design + paint them, and carve custom drum stick.

I can also paint your private drum + custom carve you a one of a kind drum stick. Email me for more info.

My private hand drum, – 40 cm with a design given to me from my grandfather and is copyrighted. It shows the hand of the artist, and in the wing and tail ovoids the spirit figures which represent my daughters. The blue/green coloring represents the north, where I come from. The drum is my first one I every stretched a rawhide for and has a very deep tone, has traveled all over with me. I custom design  all drums for people who want a unique drum.


Another commission done, the person wanted 4 crest designs on their 30 cm drum and a raven drumstick. it is now on it`s way back to the owner, another customer satisfied. You can also have your drum painted with a custom made design, and a carved drumstick, PM or email me for more info.





40 cm drum, drum hide was from New Zealand, with a raven design, painted with black paint mixed with powder graphite, to give it a sparkling texture, a private commission. Click on picture for enlarged view



33 cm hand drum, hand made and also designed and painted, by me, design is a Thunderbird of the mountains,  complete with a drumstick, write up + bio, has a very deep thunder tone.

rawhide, wood, paint. SOLD ! ! CONTACT TO DO COMMISSION.

click on picture for enlarged view:







40 cm round drum, representing the medicine wheel, with the 4 crests of the Tsimshian nation.

Clockwise top left: Wolf, Orca, Raven, Eagle – in the middle is a hand, representing Mother Earth and all around is blue, the symbol of water, water is life, and must be kept sacred in the cycle of all life. I did this design on the drum, as a reminder of how we must continue to battle against all those who wish to destroy the earth and contaminate the waters for profit.





Children`s drums, handmade by artist – with carved drumsticks

23 cm round –  left is a eagle design, right – a bear design




Shaman + butterfly drum, a private commission that a person wanted to be designed on their private drum. You can also have your drum designed + painted , email me for more info.




3 spirit frogs drum, a private commission 35 cm


A private commission, 40 cm with carved drum stick

The drum was made by me, and then the designs were describe and this is what came out.

I have other drums waiting to be designed, contact me for more info.




34 cm Northern Raven drum – this drum is painted to represent the raven of the north, a strong bird able to survive the cold and hardships of the north, you can hear it call early in the morning, the voice is clear in the crisp cold air.


Foto (17)


Raven releasing the ball of light, in the upper part you can see that he is still white, a reminder of how he flew out of the smoke hole and became black, in the middle is the ball of light flying up towards the heavens, lifting the darkness away, the lower part shows that all can be seen as it is today, and in the tail part is his human character before he took the light.

cedar rim, rawhide leather, paint – 50 cm





Custom made drumsticks, with a owl (top), butterfly emerging, and a big horn sheep (bottom). I can custom design and make any size drumstick, please message me for more info, can ship anywhere.

Alder, abalone shell, leather





Raven in the spirit world, a time where transformation was used and the spirit world was strong, in balance with all and all are ONE. I design and paint any type drum, if you have one, I can customize it to your personal taste.

Cedar rim, rawhide leather, paint




Thunderbird drumstick, can make any size and any design, contact me for more info

Alder, leather




Mother earth drum

At the top center is the Sun design, with a split snake, each has a soul in their mouths. On the left middle is a bear, and on the right is a wolf. Lower part is the Condor with spirit fillers in the wings and inside the body is the Jaguar. Inside the tail feathers are 2 skull design. This was a private commission, designed + painted upon request.

Wood, rawhide leather, paint




Red frog drum with horse drumstick, with a jaguar + and a condor on the sides. Red representing the woman, with a labret in the lip.

wood rim, rawhide leather, paint, alder & leather



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Shaman´s round drum, a special piece, as the design is painted only on the inside, with a power spirit animal. You can see a shaman inside the grizzly bear of the sea. Painted in blue as a symbol of the north country. These drums were used by shaman, with the design inside that faced the shaman, and was his personal spirit helper.

wood rim, rawhide leather, paint




36 cm diameter Thunderbird design drum, design represents a Thunderbird/ supernatural eagle of the mountains, called a Skaimsem or Galapliip. The hook of the beak and the curled back ear is the symbol of the T-bird. As it flies, the flapping of the wings cause the thunder sounds, and as it blinks it´s eyes the lighting comes forth. It flies out of it lair in the high mountains and travels along the coast seeking whales to catch. And when it does, brings them back to feed it´s children.

wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





Frog spirit helper drum 50 cm, represents a female frog with the labret inside the mouth. About to devour a soul and bring it back to the upper world. The shaman spirit is on the top of the frog with helpers around. The Jaguar is left and the Condor on the right, on top are the forms of the crane in the hind legs.

wood rim, rawhide leather, paint




40 cm – Blue mountain Luxom, supernatural eagle of the mountain drum

wooden rim, rawhide leather, paint





35 cm Sea Bear drum+ drum stick,
Sea bear is a spirit which is a sub crest within the Tsimshian, with a shaman in the middle, traveling.

wooden rim, rawhide leather, paint, alder drumstick, leather





Supernatural eagle of the moon drum, with a shaman, it is my interpretation of what is called a ” Luxom – supernatural being of the moon. Painted red and with a labret in lower beak, states that this is a female spirit.
The drum included a write up, bio, and drumstick. For more info contact me.





Jaguar designed drum + drum stick. Custom order, for more info, contact me, I can design and paint your personal spirit design.

wooden rim, rawhide leather, paint





60 cm drumsticks, custom ordered. A jaguar, and a condor head, made out of alder
wood, leather, sinew





Thunderbird drum stick
red cedar, leather, sinew





Red wolf drum, a red spirit wolf, who lives deep in a cave and is the spirit helper of a shaman. You can see some humanism in the parts of the design.
wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





Thunderbird + whale drum, tell´s of how the thunderbird comes and captures a whale in it´s claws, to bring back to the mountains to feed it´s family.When the wings flap, this causes the thunder + when it blinks its eyes, this is lighting.
Wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





3 Orcas drum, in the middle is the older one, teacher of the young Orcas.
Wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





Raven drum stick
alder, leather, sinew




40 cm raven brings daylight designed drum, with a hand of artist symbol
wood rim , rawhide leather, sinew, paint






Bear designed drum stick
alder, leather, sinew






40 cm  Orca design drum, with a blow hole spirit. whale is diving down the spirit world.
wood rim, rawhide leather, sinew, paint





eagle drum stick – out of red cedar
red cedar, leather, sinew




40 cm round drum, 2 bears competing for a salmon in the river

wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





Thunderbird of the sky, 45 cm drum with a Thunderbird design, flying up in the sky world.


Wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





41 cm Raven drum stick
red cedar, leather, sinew








Shaman´s battling for souls, 2 shaman are competing for the lost souls, which is stronger?


Wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





Orca designed drumstick – 40 cm long

Alder, sinew, leather




Spirit Frog drum, with a jaguar on one side + a condor on the other. above sit the spirit waiting to see which way to travel. The frog tongue is out to give a taste of knowledge, and a spiritual connection.


wood rim, rawhide leather, paint





Thunderbird drumstick 41 cm

Alder, sinew, leather




Blue frog design with a frog drumstick, on the sides are the frog + otter. Skulls are represented as part of the underworld, in the mouth of the frog a spirit is being devoured. With a frog drumstick

wood rim, rawhide leather, paint, alder sinew, leather





43 cm drum with Thunderbird drumstick, the design represents 4 soul catchers, each seeking a soul to capture in the inner world, on the bottom is the lost soul and above is represented as the inner or underworld, spirits of the sea + air help travel thru there, the hands are the symbols of the seekers.

Wood rim, rawhide leather, paint, alder, sinew, leather






Here is the final outcome of the drumstick, use white leather for the head and here is the results. 45 cm long and out of alder. Was my first try making a buffalo design, You can also have a special design made for you. You can have your spirit animal made for you + used for your ceremonies/ rituals or feasts.

Alder, sinew, horn, leather

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