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Carving workshops + tools


And the results, all done and the students have done a excellent job of painting, a lot of hard work, much concentration, and willpower, but they now have an autherntic handmade + painted drum.



The final part of a drum making & design painting workshop, here each student gets to choose a design, which I formatt into Tsimshian, northwest coast designs and they copy this onto the drum, and I teach them the various technics about proper acrylic painting and much more.

You can also book such a workshop, either or making drums + design painting, PM or email me for more info.


New workshop for 2018 in April, to sign up please email or telephone me. Click on photo to enlarge info.




Here are some photos of the workshops I have given, tools + materials are provided by me.

I travel all over the EU, from children amulets to 7 meter totem pole workshops.

For more info, PM, Email or telephone me.


7 meter totem pole project, this project was for 2 full weeks, and followed by a traditional raising ceremony.

All tools are provided by me to carve and sculpture, click on picture for enlarged view. PM or email for info.


Here are a couple of collages of my children and adult basic beginners workshops, I provide the tools and materials for the workshops, and each person learns to use various knives + to learn the paint process.

Click pictures to enlarge, pm or email me for more info + booking your unique workshop.


Bentwood box workshop, a very unique and interesting workshop, bringing the traditional technics and the wonderful western red cedar, a very interesting way of keep up the cultural ways.

They come in my different sizes and forms, used for everything from storing foods, oils, and clothing. Also for cooking and used also as a large box drum, with a deep tone. Pm or email for more info.




Another totem pole project, also 7 meters, out of Douglas fir, click photo to enlarge.

Some of the custom made tools that I have made for satisfied customers, I can make standard work tools or fine detail knives for the fine + finishing tools – and tools for larger projects such as totem pole carving.

PM or email me for more info, click on pictures to enlarge photos


60 cm model totem pole workshop, out of Linde holz, this is a 4 day workshop to show how to balance and block form the figure into the model totem pole which can be scaled into a full size version.

This workshop can be done also at my workshop, there is space for 3 persons, and I provide all tools.

Pm or email me for more info, click on picture to enlarge photo


here are some of the tools + designed amulet for workshops for 10 persons, ages 10 – 99  years old.                            you can design, carve and paint the pieces, I bring all the tools, materials + stories with me.

PM or email me for more info, click on picture for enlarged view of photo.



Another successful workshop, the people learned to do flat design carvings then onto a eagle amulet mask.

I provide all the tools + materials, and bring a lot of info in regards to culture + storytelling.

Pm or email me for more info.


Another workshop, and these are what my students have carved, eagle amulets.

All work tools + materials are provided, PM or email me for more info.


Here is a children`s workshop to teach basic designing and identifying animal forms of the northwest coast + Tsimshian design style.  Pm or email for more info, click photo to enlarge.


Here is another more experienced student workshop, carving full sized bear masks, this was a 4 day workshop and the students took their pieces home to either finish sand them and or paint them.

Pm or email me for more info, click on pictures to enlarge.


Handmade high quality steel blades, elbow adzes, come in many sizes and forms, also large slicks for the heavy work + cleaning up totem poles, all are used for masks and totem pole projects.

I also offer adzes to potential customers, just need to know which types, slow dried wooden handles

PM or email me for more info + prices, click on picture to enlarge photo.








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