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Traditional totem poles represent clan histories. Tribal crests were carved and displayed as a privilege and strict protocols were followed for traditional ceremonies and memorials. Today many totem poles are designed according to the tastes of the people who commission them. The prices and designs depend on size, complexity, wood and transportation.

Contact me to get more information and prices.

new 7 meter totem pole for the Karl May museum

out of spruce, was over 90 years old. The project was for 2 weeks and had

done it with people interested in learning to properly carve a real totem.

Bottom to top:


Spirit of Earth

Karl May


If you have the wood, I bring the tools necessary to sculpture and carve, contact me for more info.



A model totem pole out of western red cedar, private commission.

60 cm high, bottom a Orca, in the middle the bear princess, and the top, chief of wealth.

with a cedar base.



Eagle + bear totem pole out of western red cedar, a small commission for a smaller apartment.

120 cm high



Top of a 2,50 totem pole, was a private commission, out of western red cedar, bio oiled.




Urmond totem pole, 2,50 m was a private commission for a park which commissioned various pieces from artist that were from all over the world. I was in Urmond to carve on the pole and to do a art exhibit, in the end the pole was raised and a ceremony was done for the people. A fun picture with a Dutch windmill in the background. The wood used for the totem pole was western red cedar. Click on photo for enlarged view.



thunder top to add onto a totem pole, carved out of western red cedar + painted

Private commission, pm or email for more info. Click on photo to enlarge view.



Bearmother pole, tells the story of the bear who kidnapped a princess and married her, they had children, and her brothers hunted till finally the youngest found them and killed the bear. Taking home the princess and her 2 children, who lived amongst the tribe and became great hunters, then in the end went back into the mountains.




7 meter totem pole project, out of douglas fir, was a workshop to teach basic carving.

Pm or email for more info. Click on photo to enlarge view.







90 cm red cedar totem pole representing a beaver gnawing a stick, was a custom order.




7 meter totem pole project, out of pine wood and was almost 100 yrs old, this was a group project and the 8 students learned to block then put the forms into the wood, and learn to balance every animal.

eagle at the top, spirit of the earth in the middle, and a grizzly bear at the bottom. Pole was raised by hand + ropes.

wood, paint





1,90 totem pole, with thunderbird (top), young raven, and bearmother (bottom), was a 6 week project from beginning to the final oiling and standing up.

western red cedar, paint





2,20 totem pole, in Hannover Museum collection
Bear, beaver, and chief with a skil hat, representing the feasts he has made.

red cedar, paint





60 cm Marquette  totem pole, top is a eagle, middle – chief of wealth, bottom –  grizzly bear
yew wood





Gamlugides poles,  15 cm – white wolf spirit  Marquette poles

yellow cedar

250 totempole 15


The traditional Tsimshian totem pole out of red cedar, represents three of four main crests of the peoples. The main crest is always on the bottom, this supports all the rest of the pole.THLAXS, Claws of the Wolf, is the name given to this totem.

2,50m –  western red cedar

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