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Spoons & bowls

Spoons were the main utensil for eating. Plain wooden spoons were
for everyday use. During feasts and potlatches elaborate sets of carved and abalone shell inlaid spoons were placed with bowls for guests to use and to be given away. There were many sizes and designs.

Bowls were the main vessels for eating. During feasts the chief and his
family brought out beautifully carved bowls, filled with grease (oolichan
oil), fish, meats or berries. These were placed in front of invited chiefs
and their families for their use. Many were given away during the


Wolf bowl, made out of alder, with copper, and opercula inlays, these pieces were carved and used in the feast, then given away as gifts for the chiefs and other nobles, usually the included a wooden carve spoon.








Eagle spoon, feather textured with abalone shell inlays

alder, abalone shell


small red cedar bowl, used for oils, grease to dip your foods into, can also use a small wooden spoon with.

This can also be decorated with opercula shell on the rim + abalone shell eye inlays, but kept it simple.

Private commission, please contact me for a commission.

red cedar, bio oil – click picture for enlarged photo




Eagle spoon, used for feasting and other ceremonial rituals. Usually given away after the feast with the wooden bowls and other carved pieces. This one represents an eagle with abalone shell for the eyes, a sign of prestige.

Alder, abalone shell with wooden stand


Bentwood bowl, made out of one piece of western red cedar, steamed and bent into a box form, with the bottom carved and fitted, then pegged with wooden nails/dowels, may times these were made and given away.

Private commission, PM or email me for more info. Click on picture for enlarged view.





Wolf gallery 15


Wolf spoon, with the copper inlay, symbol of wealth belong to the chief and his family, the 3 top circle pieces represent the amount of feast given by the chief, abalone shell another symbol for the royalty.

Alder, abalone shell, copper, and cedar stand


Canoe shaped bowl out of alder, with carved raven spoon, bowl is inlayed with opercula shells

these bowls were presented during feasts and then given away. These pieces can be used for feasts.

Private commission, PM or email for more info. Click on photo to enlarge view.







Eagle spoon,inlaid with abalone shell, a sign of wealth

Adler, abalone shell


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