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Round rattles were used by Shamans to call forth their spirit helpers. The rattles were carved with symbols, which represented the Shaman´s spirit helpers.

Other rattles were also used and one of the most important was the raven rattle, which the chief used when he danced for his guests, he would hold it upside down, as to hold it the other way, it had so much power, that it would fly away.


Salmon rattle, out of Linde wood, with steel bearings 27 cm long

sold – contact for commission




Chief´s Raven rattle, symbol of wealth and for the royal family.


The rattle´s main form is the raven, with a humanoid wolf on it´s back, with the tongue of the kingfisher connecting them both. On the bottom is a thunderbird connected to a frog. Made out of alder and inlaid with abalone shell. click on picture for larger view. This was a private commission.

Please PM or email for more info or to order one.





Wolf rattle out of red cedar, with a stand, these where used for ceremonies, and rituals, each designed for which the owner desired from the artist/carver.


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Shaman round rattle with 13 stones inside to represent the 13 moons within a year, made out of alder, carved and inlaid with abalone shell , stones inside. These were used by the shaman when he went into his trance. This one depicts the crescent of the moon in the back, with a human face with a frog emerging out of his mouth.

Click on photo for larger view, pm or email for a commission.



Shaman´s round rattle.
Represents the moon, a doctor order this, but had a problem presenting it properly, so I carved a hand stand.
western red cedar,sinew,paint,feathers,stones

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