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Halibut hooks were set, usually on the bottom of fishing banks, to gather the rich harvest of halibut. Historically, they were made out of wood, bone and spruce root. To entice the fish to bite, the hooks were carved with spirit helpers to call the halibut to bite and be caught, usually they used a piece of octopus leg tied to the hook. These hooks were made a special size so they took a selective size that was not too small, and not so large, that insured the survival and allowing the young to grow up to a adult fish. Click on photo for enlarged view.



Gunar rides Killerwhale, is the theme of this halibut hook, made out of alder, abalone shell, bone and cedar bark. I can custom design any kind of design, and can ship anywhere in the world. Click on picture for enlarged view.



Orca halibut hook, with stand.
Alder, cedar bark, bone + abalone shell.
The piece was carved with a Orca spirit to entice the halibut to bite, and the fisherman would also talk down the line.





Raven halibut hook, with stand.
Alder,cedar bark, abalone shell,bone.



wolf halibut hook
alder, bone, abalone shell, cedar bark



Raven halibut hook
Alder,cedar bark, abalone shell,bone.



orca/killerwhale halibut hook.
alder,abalone shell, cedar bark, bone.



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