Friday, January 19, 2018


This Gallery presents:

Fine Northwest Coast Tsimshian Art,
carved by:

Hagwil Gáax







A mural commission for the Karl May fest 2016, it is over 20 meters high x 11 meters wide

Was done in 10 days, the design was the tree of life. Using natural pigments. you can see after one year it is going away, perhaps there will be a new one painted in the future. Pm or email for a commission. click photo to enlarge


Finally updating and adding a few new and sold pieces, check out my pages,  will be adding a new page for my custom made carving tools, for sale. And a page with pictures of my workshops and what is available.


* Please check out my: “for sale page”, new pieces listed with prices.

* Can ship anywhere in the world, contact me for more info.


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