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Besides being a carver and artist, I also dance, sing, story tell, and do lectures for schools + universities.
I do various carving workshops to teach people how to carve and use traditional tools.
From 10yrs old up to 99 yrs old, you can learn this ancient art. Up to 12 student per class and it includes the tools and materials.  You start with small amulets and then onto a amulet eagle mask, plaque, model totem pole, spoon, carved + designed drumstick, designed + painted drum, and finally a real full size dance mask. I also teach the basics to carving a full sized totem pole but this is a intense workshop and you should have experience in wood carving already. Contact for more info.


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some photos of a few of my workshops, there is also workshops for children. email me for more info.


totem pole workshop, maximum 10 persons, I bring all the tools + we can carve a real totem pole together.

Email or call me for more info.

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* I am now adding new pieces and adding to the pages with pieces done earlier, check it out, and enjoy

Finally got the site up and running, but needs very much work, have transfered over from a German server to my new Austrian server. Because of technical reasons it took a long time and much stress, but thanks to my friend(s) I am now slowly working on it, and learning as I go. But like everything else, it needs time, to put new pictures up and learn this system. So slowly I will be adding new pictures and upgrading to make a new and improved webpage that also fits the apps for phones + android systems.
Please bear with me, and if you have ideas then please email me or give me a call.
I am also on Facebook and update there regularly so just check out my info page and take a look. If you want me to respond quickly then use my gmail ad as I check this regularly.

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