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New pieces available, PM or email me.


33 cm hand drum, hand made and also designed and painted, by me, design is a Thunderbird of the mountains,

comes complete with a drumstick, write up + bio, can ship anywhere in the world, has a very deep thunder tone.

price 600,00 + shipping & handling, rawhide, wood, paint.

click on picture for enlarged view:




Wolf in Spirit den, Out of western red cedar. The carved design depicts the spirit of the wolf, that is the shaman´s helper, inside the body you can see the head of the shaman. The wolf has human like features, and is within a circular form, this represents the cave or hole in which he travels thru, searching for a lost soul. A shaman has different helpers, animals from the water to help him travel thru water, animals of the air to help him travel the skies. The blue outer edge represents water, which connects all within the earth, we all need water to function. “water is life” Pm or message me for more info, comes with write up + bio.

Price 500,00 Euro, includes shipping costs. 42 cm high X 32.5 cm wide  - western red cedar







Salmon prince – a king salmon with a the prince inside, you can see the stages of development, starting with the salmon eggs, then the next stage of birth with the sac, and then a small alevin, life revolves in a cycle and all must return to Mother Earth. Each tribe has it ways to respect the salmon spirits, and sacred songs and blessing, for we are the ” people of the salmon”. Wai wah* this piece is for sale 30 x 80 cm canvas can ship anywhere in the world, comes with story + bio. – 500,00 Euro + S&H

The salmon prince, a long time ago a young prince took out of the food box a skin of a salmon which was kept too long and ate it, in some stories he fed it to others, he was scolded for taking this scarce food. he went away sad and sat near the river, soon a canoe came by him and he was taken away, by the salmon people. He journeyed to their village and there, he learned and was taught the ways to respect the spirits of the salmon, so that they could again return home to their villages, He was transported back to his village in a canoe, but in reality he was inside a salmon, some say a spring / king salmon, others a chum /dog salmon, and he was caught by the chief (his father), when they cut the salmon open a small human was inside, he grew rapidly and became a young man teaching the tribe, how to respect the salmon. After the people learned the proper ways, he went back to the village of salmon.
This is a very short version of the story, and the complete story comes with the painting.




Eagle head dress out of alder with abalone shell inlays, acrylic paint & bio oiled. size 13 H x 13 W x 8 cm deep

A eagle head dress worn by the next one in line to be chief, a prince of the eagle clan, all ready to be set onto a headband.

Cost 600,00 Euro and can be sent anywhere in the world, please PM or email me for more info.



40 cm round drum, representing the medicine wheel, with the 4 crests of the Tsimshian nation.  – 800,00 Euro

Clockwise top left: Wolf, Orca, Raven, Eagle – in the middle is a hand, representing Mother Earth and all around is blue, the symbol of water, water is life, and must be kept sacred in the cycle of all life. I did this design on the drum, as a reminder of how we must continue to battle against all those who wish to destroy the earth and contaminate the waters for profit. This piece is for sale and come complete with drumstick, write up description & bio, can ship anywhere in the world. Pm or email me for more info.



Foto (37)

30 cm X 24 cm canvas – 200,00 Euro + shipping

Supernatural Blue eagle of the Mountains, – “Skaimsim” Out hunting for its food, before a big storm. Flying out from the high mountains along the Shian “Skeena” river. I heard this from an elder up along the river, many years ago, and he witnessed it taking a mountain goat. I have seen/read about at least 4 different types of supernatural eagle “Thunderbird” and so this is my interpretation of a Skaimsim.



Foto 1 (7)

30 cm X 24 cm canvas – 200,00 Euro + shipping

Medeek, the majestic grizzly bear, this great spirit lives in our territories, what a amazing creature. The blue around the bear represents the rivers, in which it catches the abundant salmon. Yellow/orange is the seasons in which it comes out and roams the lands, the dark blue + white is the skies around, also the circle form, which is the sun and universe.



Foto 2 (6)

40 cm X 30 cm canvas – 250,00 Euro + shipping

Addabis – Butterfly, this is a monarch butterfly, and has been in the news, Why? Because they are disappearing and no one knows why, so many thousand/million have just ( …. ) into thin air, so I have put this around the Addabis to show what can and will happen if we continue to abuse the earth. On one side it is all sunny and bright but on the other it is becoming dark, the approach of a storm. What will happen if all these beautiful spirits fly into extinction? Each creature on this planet has a purpose, and today many have died out, and more are on the edge, do we care? I do that is why I study these things to learn about their structure, the way they look and design into my art style, I know if it is a male or female, so tell me is this one a female or male? Again it is with a circle, a cycle of life, took me 3 days to create.



Foto (41)

30 cm round canvas – 200,00 Euro + shipping

Cycle of life with raven, my experimenting with background and colors. This one is of raven (Txamsem), and his epic adventures in our world. He has stolen the lakes/water from the beaver and with it, the salmon, as he flies along, things are drops, water is splashed all over the earth, and so we have also rivers + streams. He also released a great gift for our people the salmon & eggs, for this is our foods which make us strong and what we depend on to survive. You can see that he drops 7 pieces of salmon roe(WHY)? and a salmon jumping towards the sun(sunset or dawn)? in the distance along the line of light, you can barely see the forms of land,in red ochre, an important element of our earth, very precious to our peoples. And of course the sun, it was also released by raven, but that is another story. Earth, water, air, important elements in our live, what are we without these? and what are without the salmon? today still they are trying to destroy flora banks, and many just do not care, this is always on my mind, respect to those who are defending the rights of the salmon and the other creatures which have no voice in man´s so called world, Wai Wah!!




30 cm X 24 cm canvas – 200,00 Euro + shipping

Called Gunarhnesemgyet, he was a great hunter & warrior, he loved to hunt sea otters, the great spirit Kwaak, decided to steal his wife, and so came a white spirit sea otter, which when in the hands of his wife, while washing it, it drifted out and away, she followed, and was taken away. Gunarhnesemgyet followed and was able after many adventures to get his wife back. Here you can see him riding the Orca, with the body inside + his head in the dorsal fin, his left hand is hold onto the back of the blackfish. They are racing to save his wife before being overcome by the great spirit Kwaak.



Foto (36)

30 cm canvas – 200,00 Euro + shipping

The cycle of life/earth, 30 cm circle canvas, inspired from my drum designs, and of course the circle, which represents life. All is within a revolving round form, the blues represent what is important to us, water, it is all over mother earth, the red represents the earth/mother, painted in the form of a frog. The frog is very special, in that it lives in 3 realms and is used a spirit connector for the shaman´s, it gives them a taste and can travel from within. The upper back legs represent a form of cranes, also said to be helpers. Finally I have placed a woman inside the body, the the body of the frog representing the hair of her. She wears a Labret, the matralineal mother earth, her hands are inside, holding onto the forehead.I made this design in reference to the earth as we know it,or have known it from the past, and within my time, things have changed so much , that it shocks me. How is mother today? They tell in my culture of a strong man holding up the world on his back, and every once in a while, there is a special oil that is used on his back, and now this is almost empty, this will be the change, what is called ” the cycle of life”.



Hukdzap 15

30 cm X 24 cm canvas – 200,00 Euro + shipping

Another piece that was a postcard a few years back, decided to see what it looks like painted, so here it is. Called ” Hukdzap” for a doing person as my father called this type of person. You try all, you try solve every thing that is to learn and do. Let to survive, learn what is around you, try to balance all.
Use what is given to use by the Creator and mother earth, but do not abuse it. Be blessed with what you can do, I am happy to again produce another feeling, all of this is also a learning process for me, to rethink and develop what is inside, wanting to come out to create. As you can see the spirit is carving and hollowing out a mask, and inside there is a spirit, that one that gives you a funny feeling. The hand behind represent the artist in me, as the last time this was designed it all face the left way And the hand was a outline of my hand. But I had to resize it so it is bigger. 30 X 24 cm canvas.



Foto 1 (4)

30 cm round – 200,00 Euro + shipping costs

The balance of life, yin & yan, how to continue forwards? That is the question for all the lives with mother earth. I did this design a while back, but used it for a card design, but I wanted to paint it and bring it out, and what it means, my interpretation of inner travel. Sometimes our souls travel, and so we get sick or weak, a shaman must come and find what is wrong. He goes into a trance, and then travels with his spirit helpers, this one is a grog, a very strong symbol. So what you see is him traveling in this form, is he coming or going?to the upper world? or inner? You can see the transformation with human characters, but also inside there is and egg form. Like a salmon-trout form. So many questions, so little answers, and this is one of them. Which way is the so called world going to go, to advance, so many things gone & disappearing. All life on earth is important, but many of us do not think about it. I thank you for your time to look and enjoy my work, my words and feeling, it comes out in my so called art, but for me it is much deeper, it keeps my culture alive, it shows what we think about life and our Tsimshian ways and beliefs, Wah Wai !



Foto (35)

Representing my daughter, and her new born wolf crest daughter Evelyne. You can see the wolf inside, ready to be born, and the earth is represented in the brownish red color, next is slightly green/blue to represent the earth + trees, and then the sky in blue, and up above is the spirit world, where the ancestors go, and they are looking down, proud of another strong generation being born. The canvas is 30 cm X 40 cm and is painted with acrylics. AND YES THIS ONES FOR SALE! money is going to my granddaughter. So please support, going to a very good cause. Please PM me for more info or email. Price is 250,00 Euro. I can ship anywhere in the world, and yes this is the original.


Foto (31)

FOR SALE! 4 SALE! FOR SALE! Ready to fly out. 4 SALE!! FOR SALE!
Another version of raven on his epic adventures. Showing raven after he released the ball of daylight, of course that makes him red. You can see different forms of him inside the body and wings. This painting he is flying the other way and of course in MAASK (RED/ROTE), it is also 30 cm X 40 cm. This one is definitely for sale, so contact me and reserve this special piece, just in time for that special Christmas present. Comments & questions welcomed, I can ship this anywhere. Price 250,00€ + S&H.
Can also paint outside of the design or leave it plan white, your choice.




40 cm x 30 cm canvas, acryl paints.
This is my first one, so first come, gets it.
Price is 250,00€ + s&h
Piece is an Orca design with the crest of the eagle clan,
each animal in the spirit world also has a crest.
I can also design other animal please contact me for more info.




I know that the dreamcatcher is not part of our culture, but for me it is a form of art and expression, and I am Tsimshian, I want to learn everything that I can. I see also other tribal artist do totem poles, even it is completely not their traditions, plus would you not like a piece like this made by a 1st nation, instead of a imitation from China? 






Foto (23)


Finally got this one together and done, a 3 dream, dreamcatcher, took a while just to fit it together right, but this how it end up done, with 3 stages off sleep time, the masks are carved out of yellow cedar. It is a very unique piece and came together with many elements of the earth. The materials come from all over the earth. It is like hanging a fishing net, was very interesting to get it all together For more info, please contact me.

120,00 Euro includes shipping.





Foto (24)





Had this piece of wood for a longer time, finally, motivated to finish it off, a 2 dream, dreamcatcher, and the face is called, ” almost waking up” the bottom circle has 7 beads, and the top one has 13, includes abalone shell, sweet water pearl & turquoise. I have added another face to the lower part along with feathers. Along with feather that I have collected, had fun putting this one together, and put alot of energy into it. YES IT IS FOR SALE!!! 4 SALE!!
contact me by message for the price, shipping included in the EU.
A very unique and special piece, one of a kind. The wood circles are one piece and not glued or tied together, like a Siamese twin, attached by nature.

80,00 Euro, includes shipping costs.


Foto 2 (3)


As I walked along the Wolfgang See (lake) I picked up a couple of branches, out of these this is what came out, hand drilled, pegged & glued, then onto the next part, putting together a dream catcher, with nice high quality beads, a piece of turquoise, a sweet water pearl, and in the middle a carved yellow cedar face, it is called “Sleeper” this spirit catches all dreams, letting only the good ones thru. Finally I went through my pile of feather that I pick up in my travels, tying them together, then wrapping them in leather and old trade beads. This is all hand made and with the resources that mother earth provides, thanks Creator for all. This piece is for sale and is one of a kind. If your interested in having a unique piece, then please message me or call me.

Price is 55,00 Euro, and includes shipping in the EU.    47 cm high X  18cm wide



Foto (17)

Drum is SOLD! but you can commission another, contact me for more info.

43 cm round drum, with raven brings light design comes with a drumstick and write up.

This one is sold, but can be recommissioned, contact for more info.

Cost is 650,00 euro, plus shipping costs. For more info please contact me.


Foto (14)


Eagle, super sharp eyesight! flies the highest! symbol of greatness! spirit helper
A yellow cedar eagle amulet x 3 are for sale, 80,00 euro each, includes shipping, to anywhere in the EU. Very unique and individual pieces, comes with a leather cord to hang, and can be changed to desired length, please message me for more info, I also do other animal spirit helpers. 6 cm high x 5 cm wide x 5 cm deep, comes with leather band.





Fugitive eagle mother mask, made out of Alder, and tells the migration of the eagle clan from the north. Very detailed carved piece tell the epic journey down the coast and the many encounters along the way. Please message me for more info, comes with free shipping, anywhere in the world. Great for collection. – * 1800,00 euro
This piece comes with complete write up and bio. Alder, abalone shell, hair + paint. Designs are all carved in.


bear mask oiled 14


Bear mask for sale! Ready to dance, or add to your collection. A wonderful piece carved and painted. Can ship anywhere, please contact me for more info by message. The story is also included, along with a bio and write up for the mask. The bear has great plant knowledge, for it for it seeks all that is in the forest. This piece has eye holes in, so you can actually use for dancing. – * 1600,00   Euro comes with write up and description.

26 cm high x 18 wide x 20 deep

Linde wood, cedar bark, abalone shell, paint





A very nice piece, selling for 1200.00 Euro, and comes with headband, ready to dance or just display. This is a headdress, that represents a Orca, with a eagle fin, that shows the relationship, that the Orca clan has married into the eagle clan. Inlaid with abalone shell and painted, this is a very nice piece.
Complete with write up and bio, all ready to be shipped to you.


oiled raven headdess 14

The pieces which were worn by chief´s and family members, who would one day become chief of the tribe. Worn on a headdress with swan skin, flicker feather, seal loin whiskers and ermine skins, they were danced to welcome guests, and were filled with eagle down so that this flew out onto the people as a symbol of peace for all who attended. This piece represents the raven crest, which along with the blackfish/orca are the oldest on the coast. Raven is a great symbol on the whole coast, bringer of light, messenger.

Made out of alder and inlayed with abalone shell, this piece is ready to be attached and danced, or displayed.
This piece is for sale and can be shipped anywhere.




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