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Bowls were the main vessels for eating. During feasts the chief and his
family brought out beautifully carved bowls, filled with grease (oolichan
oil), fish, meats or berries. These were placed in front of invited chiefs
and their families for their use. Many were given away during the



Laxkibu Gaaylk - Wolf Bowl



Wolf bowl, made out of alder, with copper, and opercula inlays, these pieces were carved and used in the feast, then given away as gifts for the chiefs and other nobles, usually the included a wooden carve spoon.




Bentwood bowl, made out of one piece of western red cedar, steamed and bent into a box form, with the bottom carved and fitted, then pegged with wooden nails/dowels, may times these were made and given away.




Canoe shaped bowl out of alder, with carved raven spoon, bowl is inlayed with opercula shells

these bowls were presented during feasts and then given away. These pieces can be used for feasts.

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