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Many of the Shamans tools were made out of bone, such as soul catchers, amulets, pendants and head dresses, called a “Shaman`s Crown”.

The bone work is carved and inlaid with abalone shell. The objects are made from natural bone from many animals including mammoths, or from antler, or teeth. These are made out of beef bone and abalone shell

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.



Soulcatcher, used by the shaman of the northwest coast to retrieve a lost soul, or to draw out sickness or disease from a ill person´s body.  The ends were closed with cedar bark plugs. Made out of beef bone and abalone shell.

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.




Eagle Dagger,36 cm, out of elk horn, abalone shell inlays, 23 cm steel blade, complete with leather case, ready to wear. One of a kind carved, this piece was bought but do have other blades and horn to make any type of animal.

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.



Raven war club, 46 cm, out of elk antler, inlaid with abalone shell inlays very beautiful rock from Italy,Tiger eye, is set in and top of with a ravens head with abalone eyes, behind the head sits a set of flicker feathers. Can make any design.

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.



Tsimshian grizzly bear war club, out of elk horn, with a berg crystal, a mountain stone from Switzerland. Inlay with abalone shells, and a carved bear head out of yellow cedar representing a Grizzly bear.
There are 3 blue jay and 2 red flicker feathers attached, with 2 small blue russian beads. Leather hand grip and wooden base with leatherband. Comes complete with a leather carry attachment.

46 cm long and the berg crystal stands out 14 cm, diameter is 4 cm.  I can make any type animal & add stones.

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.





Orca with Gunar riding, amulet, mostly these were carved and made for shaman, who used them attached to their regalia, along with other pieces.

Deer horn,abalone shell inlays.

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.





Bone amulet, with 2 spirit helpers, and one is devouring or capturing a soul, so the shaman can bring it back and heal + strengthen it, so it can be replaced back into the sick person.

Beef bone, abalone shell

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.





Fossil bone amulet.
A shaman´s pieces used to hold his/hers spirit helper, was attached to a apron or a necklace.

Fossil mammoth bone, abalone shell

* No walrus or elephant ivory is used.



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