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Amulets & other pieces






This page represents all articles that have no other category or are used as amulets or other decor. Many of these are special customized orders. You can also order a unique piece special for you or for a collection. Contact me for more information.




Frog amulet out of yew wood, spirit of the earth in the middle, this would be a piece used by a shaman

yew wood, abalone shell, leather





Yew wood moon mask amulet
yew wood,abalone shell,leather





Orca, with eagle fin, bolo tie, a special order, I can design any type bolo tie or amulet.

Yew wood, abalone shell, leather.




Yew wood wolf bolo tie. custom order, can make any design and also in a amulet style.

yew wood, abalone shell, leather.





Wolf yew wood bolo tie, with abalone shell inlay.

yew wood, abalone shell, leather



Red cedar panel/plaque, representing an orca/killerwhale, with a human spirit in the fin and body of the whale.

Western red cedar, abalone shell





Traditional Tsimshian longhouse, made out red cedar and hand cut and fitted together. Custom made into a jewelry box, with the back opening. Can custom design the painting or add a totem pole. Comes in any size.

Western red cedar, paint.





Custom carved & painted mahogany guitar, inlaid with abalone shell.

I can design carve or paint any surface of your guitar, make it a special and unique piece

Mahogany, abalone shell, paint





Model northwest coast canoe, eagle design, complete with paddles, box and a harpoon & a stand

western red cedar,yellow cedar,paint.





Orca designed paddle, inlaid with abalone shell, I can design paint and/or carve anything on your paddle.

red cedar, abalone shell, paint



Marriage panel,  hummingbird,eagle, and sun designs. custom order, can make any size & design. contact me for more information.
red cedar panel, paint



225246_152705098129055_2017288_n (1)


Eagle dancer marionette, completely rigged and ready to perform, in former times we used these also.

Linde, leather, hair, abalone shell, paint, string, shells.





Traditional Tsimshian long house, with a totem pole, this is a exact model that is complete inside. This piece is the the Stuttgart museum, in their permanent collection.

western red cedar, stones, sand, paint.





Thunderbird designed yellow cedar paddle, this one was made to be used, and is being used to paddle a happy canoe.

yellow cedar, paint






Yew wood amulet “Lion”  with abalone shell inlays. Was a custom order and my first attempt.

yew wood, abalone shell, leather




Orca design, with eagle fin, it is told that all animals have crest, and are in human form when they live in their villages.  I can carve any design and add extra designs within, also add abalone shell or copper inlays.

Western red cedar, abalone shell





Wolf in transformation. Carved + painted red cedar with abalone shell inlays

red cedar abalone shell, paint





Asian elephant design,  from a photo some sent me and requested that I could do a northwest coast style elephant, here is the results. Western red cedar and a abalone shell inlay for the eye. 32 cm high X 26 cm wide.

Red cedar, abalone shell, paint




3 amulets, first one left is a Orca amulet out of yellow cedar and with beads + leather. Second is a eagle amulet,yellow cedar, with a abalone shell and a obsidian arrow head, strung with old Russian beads. Third one, yellow cedar, on the right is also a Orca and represent the chief of the sea, wealth keeper, it is also to be strung with beads like the first one.
Orca´s 2 3/4 h X 2 inches wide 7 cm high X 5 cm W – eagle is 2 X 2 inches, 5 X 5 cm , the Russian blue beads are over 130 yrs old.

yellow cedar, abalone shell, flint stone,  leather, beads, paint





Grizzly bear amulet, out of yellow cedar, with very old Russian blue beads and crow beads with white middles. comes with a fine piece of abalone shell and attached to a obsidian arrow head, that is handmade by a Blackfoot native.

yellow cedar, abalone shell, obsidian, beads, leather

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